360 business development

360 Business development-the core difference

360 business development embodies the vision and mission which was founded on the following famous quote by Peter Drucker:

"The purpose of a company is to create a customer"

Whilst primarily focused on business development projects for a new solution launch and/or market development the belief is that professional business development services for whatever project should include all stages of customer creation: Find Get and Keep.

Not simply focused on the selling stage and getting a customer regardless of whether they are the right customer.

Those all-important first customers created to validate a business development venture should be both profitable and advocates for your solution to future potential customers.

Planning preparing and getting involved in the research, strategy, marketing, sales, customer onboarding and retention ensures profitable customer advocates.

Hence 360 business development.

Because that involvement and the services offered are not linear but interdependent.

Services that can be continually optimised during the business development process to create profitable interactive customers that add as much value to your future business as you add to theirs.

360 Business development services-above & beyond your expectations

There are plenty of companies offering to find your company leads.

There are also plenty of companies offering to act as your outsourced sales department and convert those leads to sales.

Offering both and so much more, here are just a few reasons why Customeris3 is different.

  • Business developement skills

    Sector focus

    Only offer the 360 business development services to three sectors-Maritime, Offshore and Renewable energy. Leveraging decades of knowledge, experience and commercial expertise within those sector markets.

  • Business developement skills

    True business development

    Primarily offering services to companies launching a new solution, (product or service) or developing a new market or both. Not projects simply requiring growth for an existing solution within an existing market.

  • Business developement skills

    Service choice

    You choose what 360 business development services you need:

    • Preparation, planning, or lead generation. Any or all three, (the Find stage)
    • Execution. Prospect customer engagement, sales, onboarding & retention, (the Get & Keep┬ástages)
    • Complete project support, Find, Get & Keep stages
Customer creation is all about profitable loyal customer advocates
Customer first always
  • Business developement skills

    Existing business or startup

    Business development via expansion or creation is the speciality. So Customeris3 works with both existing businesses and startups.

  • Business developement skills

    Flexible contracts

    Focused on results using the range of professional 360 business development skills. You pay for satisfaction, not the time taken. Lump sums for project development. Interim or fractional hire for project execution.

  • Business developement skills

    Complete commercial blueprint

    One last but very important thing....

    If involved in the whole project then at successful project conclusion a complete commercial blueprint will be created that your team can implement. A blueprint to Find, Get & Keep customers that will exponentially grow your business the right way, the sustainable customer first way.

360 Business development services-it's in the DNA

For all the reasons given and lots more that's why I call it 360 business development.

It's what I do, it's what I've always done, it's in my DNA and it's BOTH thrilling and addictive!

Could I and my strategic partners do it for your business expansion idea or business venture?

360 Business development services-what do you need?

What stage is your business development project at?

Choose a stage.....


We're just starting to, or in the process of planning & preparing our project.

We want sector-specific business development services to get us ready to engage with prospects.

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We're ready to start engaging with prospective customers.

We want an interim business development professional with sector expertise.

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