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About Customeris3

Created to make 360 business development available, affordable with an improved chance of project success for more companies.

Taking a business development project from concept to first profitable customer advocates typically takes 18 months.

However, hiring a full-time business developer plus adding additional marketing department resources, or building a dedicated business development department to pursue new opportunities is not feasible for most companies.

Barriers include recruitment time, cost, additional staff implications and the immediacy of the opportunity.

Therefore the default solution adopted by many companies is to hire and/or change the title of a salesperson. After all, generating leads and selling to new customers is what they do, right?

Yes, but creating a new business or expanding an existing business by launching a new solution, developing a new market or both at the same time requires far more than the skills of a salesperson.

It requires a professional business developer practising 360 business development who will have experience and skills in research, marketing, sales, commercial management, fulfilment and customer relations, (plus all the bits before and between!). Equivalent to hiring 5 people.

A summary of some of the slills required of an interim business developer

Temporarily getting that kind of person, altering the traditional linear approach to a business development project and adopting a customer-first approach throughout will make a project available, affordable and successful for more companies.

As more fully detailed below:

My story

"As a child, I wanted to be an explorer and that's what I've become, a commercial explorer"

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I have worked within the offshore and maritime sectors ever since I joined my first Merchant ship at the naive and tender age of 18.

A decade later whilst working as a Hydrographic surveyor I was fortunate to meet the MD who, a couple of years later, gave me my first role in business development. Researching and subsequently offering DGPS and survey services to a new subsea telecoms target market.

In the decades that have followed my passion for creating business opportunities and serving customers by introducing new solutions or developing new markets has never dwindled.

Blending four decades of industry knowledge, technical experience and commercial expertise with an entrepreneurial passion I have delivered numerous new solution or market ideas from concept to viable businesses or divisions.

There's no better thrill I've found than developing a prospect and converting them to a profitable lifelong customer. Frankly, it's addictive.

That is why in addition to building Customeris3, I take fractional and interim engagements for business development projects. It keeps my skills sharp and I get my shot of customer creation.

As a child, I wanted to be an explorer and that's what I've become, a commercial explorer. I explore new potential opportunities, meet new potential customers and map new commercial landscapes that did not exist before.

Paul Jolley