business development services-Project preparation

Business development services-summary

Business development services are for companies that have an idea for a new solution and/or market but now need to plan and prepare a business development project before engaging with or trying to sell to prospective customers.

Services include:

  • Market research

  • Competitor research

  • Target customer profiling

  • Online presence audit

  • Core messaging & differentiation

  • New customer journey mapping

Use of a compass as an analogy for Business development opportunities
  • Marketing strategy

  • Sales strategy

  • Customer strategy

  • Marketing channel selection

  • Marketing tactics

  • Engagement collateral

Planning & preparing the project for success:

Planning and preparation provide the basis for all business development activities and ensure the business development project has the best chance of success.

Core outcomes will be:

  • Knowledge

    Turning "we think" into "we know"

  • Resource allocation

    Effective and efficient resource allocation for the three phases of customer creation: Find, Get and Keep

  • Project timeframe

    A realistic business development project timeframe. In particular when marketing engagement can start and when to expect first customers.

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What types of companies are the business development services for?

Clients range from existing small to medium-sized businesses on a path of growth & expansion to startups.

They are either currently an industry supplier to a target sector market or intending to enter either from another industry or as a startup.

All have a business development project in mind but that project will be one of three types:

  1. A new solution, (product or service) into an existing market, or
  2. An existing solution into a new market, or
  3. Both a new solution into a new market.

Not all business development services are applicable to all companies

Due to the diverse nature of business size, industry & market experience and business development project type, not all of the services will be applicable to your planning and preparation needs.

For instance your company.....

  • Market research

    Has already undertaken market research and fully understands the ideal customer segment(s) and industry.

  • Target market

    Understands the target market because you have sold other solutions into it for years.

  • Website

    Has an appropriate lead generation website and/or landing pages established for the project.

Think of the services offered as a checklist.

A list of planning and preparation actions that when completed ensures your business developer, (whether a project-specific interim or an employee) engages with a prospect that is qualified, well informed and ready to progress through the consultative sales process.

Whatever business development services you need when you need them

Whatever your particular business size, sector experience or project type I can offer whatever business development services your company needs, when you need them and dovetail them perfectly into your project timeline.

Ready to discuss your business development idea? Completely free, confidential and without obligation.

Business development services-questions to consider

Not sure if your company needs any of the services offered or if you are ready to let your business developer start selling to prospects?

Below are just a few questions to consider when preparing and planning a business development project:

  • Do you know who makes an ideal customer for your project

  • What are the biggest problems your prospect customers face

  • Do you fully understand the competitive landscape

  • What's your unique message that answers the questions why your company and solution

  • Do you have a marketing based lead generating website

  • What tactics and marketing channels will be best suited for your project and timeline

  • Have you set and does everyone know the success factor(s) for the project

  • Do you have ways to capture leads and emails on your website

  • What words and phrases will your target prospect customers use to find your solution

  • Do you have online material to educate and nurture prospective customers

  • Where are the best places and what ways to generate leads for your specific industry, target market and solution

  • Will Google analytics Goals be created to track website conversions

  • Do you have a process to onboard new customers and turn them into raving fans